About Us

ACS Technology's exposure to the GPS market was caused by one of our Directors having his high performance car stolen a few years ago. After purchasing, and researching GPS vehicle trackers we decided that there had to be a better solution, a more cost effective solution and of course a solution that was easy to use and administer. After two solid years of research and development we are pleased to announce that we believe that we have the GPS tracking solutions for our clients.

Our experiences with tracking devices and companies clearly showed us the areas that needed to be addressed within this new product category. Our main aim was to build a product that was retail orientated - that being a product that needed no support from the retailer to the end consumer. We have in place a dedicated support team and installers located in every state to assist clients. We have really developed the plug and play GPS tracking solution. Installation of the units can be as easy as simply attaching the GPS units to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. To get functionality the install is a little more involved.